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Multicultural Marketing Speaks to Everyone

Advertising’s “mainstream market,” the wealthy white America engine that has driven this industry for decades, is getting run over by multicultural Americans’ swelling numbers and spending power. 

Their interests and aspirations will power marketing in the decades to come as shifting demographics push the nation’s white population below 50% for the first time as soon as 2045, according to the Census Bureau. Many advertising agencies aren’t ready, unlike 
SRB Communications. 

Stand up for diversity and inclusion on World Press Freedom Day

May 3rd is the United Nations’ 30th annual World Press Freedom Day and an opportunity for a shoutout to multicultural journalism.

SRB Communications specializes in multicultural marketing. We champion this slice of the media world at every opportunity. We cultivate relationships with multicultural media, especially in Washington, D.C. and the mid-Atlantic region, which help us negotiate attractive advertising rates for our clients. Businesses simply can’t reach multicultural audiences if they don’t advertise in outlets that those potential customers read or listen to. 

Heidi Cox, Staff Accountant

Heidi Cox serves as the agency’s Staff Accountant. In her role, Heidi is responsible for overseeing day-to-day financial operations, managing all accounting functions, consistently developing and improving systems. Her more than 30 years’ experience in accounting includes expertise in tax preparation and financial analysis working directly with CPAs to optimize financial strategies.

Friendly Conversations Can Foster Better Collaboration

Successful team meetings and memorable dinner parties share one important characteristic. In the end, it’s all about the people around the table with us and the quality of that shared experience. 

Great results, like good times, flow from stimulating conversations, sharp questions, laughter and polite-but-vigorous arguments.

At SRB Communications, our team prides itself on helping clients tell their stories and connect with diverse audiences. Our clients define our mission. We research, analyze, strategize, counsel and write to accomplish it.

Black History Month 2023 in Review

Black History Month 2023 began with the funeral of a Black man beaten to death by Memphis police and ended with an uproar about a racist rant on YouTube by the Dilbert comic strip’s creator. 

In between, a controversy burned over whether a revised Advanced Placement course about African American studies was steered by political interference rather than historians’ judgments. 

The Importance of Research in Multicultural Marketing

In our 32 years in business, SRB Communications has thrived as a minority and women owned advertising and marketing agency.  During that time have operated at a half-dozen different locations up and down K Street, NW. But there has been one constant – our focus on diversity and multicultural marketing. Our clients depend on our expertise – to uncover the cultural nuances and more with diverse audiences that make up the communities that we serve.

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