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Let’s make a 2024 Multicultural Marketing Strategy Bucket List

Each year we ask ourselves, “What would our marketing team do if we had unlimited time, money and resources?” 

As we wrap up 2023 and get ready for the unknowns in 2024, we invite you to dream with us and craft your 2024 Marketing Strategy Bucket List. 

Beyond your routine to-dos and the weight of year-end reports, let's take a moment to pause. 

The outgoing year was full of technological disruption and we have to ask ourselves, 'Is our usual way of doing things the best? When was the last time we tried something totally new?'

Cultivating Connections: How Social Listening Shapes Authentic Relationships

On November 2, 2023, some of the SRB team attended the Mid-Atlantic MarCom Summit, the region's premier annual event for marketing, advertising, PR, communications and media professionals. We’re sharing key takeaways from the event including the importance of social listening and connecting with our audiences.  

Jillynn Greene, Chief of Staff

Jillynn Greene is a seasoned executive-level administrative professional and event planner with 10 years’ experience working for global corporations. In her role as Chief of Staff at SRB, she serves as a key thought leader partner, right hand and confidant to the CEO on strategic initiatives, business development and marketing agency operations. She embodies the organizational heartbeat, ensuring smooth operations and seamless collaboration.

William Rosser, Account Director

William Rosser is the Account Director at SRB Communications. William brings more than eight years’ experience and deep knowledge of project management, media buying and video production expertise to the boutique and full-service agency. He is responsible for delivering best-in-class advertising campaigns and media buying executions, while driving key client facing accounts across the agency.

Maria Maldonado, Account Executive

Maria Maldonado is an Account Executive at SRB Communications with nearly four years of agency experience in marketing and communications to support government, nonprofit, and public sector clients. As a Prosci-certified change practitioner and skilled project manager, Maria combines her expertise with a deep passion for community building, leadership development, process improvement and storytelling.

Multicultural Marketing Speaks to Everyone

Advertising’s “mainstream market,” the wealthy white America engine that has driven this industry for decades, is getting run over by multicultural Americans’ swelling numbers and spending power. 

Their interests and aspirations will power marketing in the decades to come as shifting demographics push the nation’s white population below 50% for the first time as soon as 2045, according to the Census Bureau. Many advertising agencies aren’t ready, unlike 
SRB Communications. 

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