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Holiday Marketing Tips For 2020

2020 has dampened the Holiday spirit making it harder for businesses to market themselves. While this year’s holiday season has already proven to be different, it doesn’t mean that we can’t create an effective holiday marketing strategy and spread some cheer at the same time. So, strap on those elf ears, don those ugly sweaters, and let’s get to work with these three tactics.

Data Privacy: The Ethical Dilemma Within Digital Marketing

Consumers are becoming more aware of the actions taken by the companies they buy from. A company’s social responsibility to its community is under more scrutiny than ever before. People are looking to connect with businesses on a personal level and build relationships on shared values. If the values match up, consumers take notice and brand loyalty is born. However, the reverse is true.

Pepco - LGBTQ+


Pepco provides service to approximately 894,000 customers in D.C. and Maryland and like its parent company Exelon, have committed to being leaders of DE&I. The goals were to make it clear to the LGBTQ+ community that in Pepco they had an ally and to build brand awareness of Pepco’s historical promise to marginalized and underserved populations.  

PR & Communications

Detailed communications and public relations plans don't intimidate us - we live for it. Step-by-step of how to deliver strategic messaging to a specific audience helps clients drive their business forward. 


Need to resonate with your audience? We got you. Our creative team takes concepts and develops them into cross-platform elevated media and graphic design that gets attention.

Marketing & Advertising

The bread and butter of the agency world. We love to build omnichannel marketing campaigns to meet client business objectives. Whether traditional or digital, our strategy is based on actionable analytics for the best ROI. 

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