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A Marketer's Role During A Global Pandemic

As marketers, we hold a great deal of responsibility during this global pandemic. While healthcare staff, first responders, and other essential workers focus on the physical health and security of citizens, it is the responsibility of marketers to help people cope with our “new normal”. This not only benefits society as a whole, but it will help position your company as a community partner and a brand that your customers can rely on during times of crisis.

How to Build a Buyer Persona

Hello, thanks for dropping by! You’re just in time to help me create a buyer persona for my new company. A buyer persona is an essential part of any marketing strategy. Personas help create categories in which a company can tailor its messages to. For this business, we’ll have to construct a persona to better understand our target audience and its relationship with the company.

Past, Present, and Future: History of Black Women In Marketing & PR

Women’s History Month is about more than history. It’s about the expanding recognition of women’s accomplishments; not just those of the past or current but encouraging the women of the future as well. As women, we must hold each other up. We remember the past to inspire ourselves today. However, we must remember to inspire the future generations now and not wait for them to go looking. 

SRB New Website Press Release

WASHINGTON – SRB Communications, a full-service advertising and marketing agency based in our nation’s capital, has launched a new website showcasing its expanded services and commitment to the changing digital landscape.

“The new website was optimized to highlight our agency’s commitment to delivering the best possible client experience and staying current with industry trends,” says Catherine McClary, SRB’s Senior Digital Marketing Manager.

Back In Office and Action

The pandemic cast many of us out of the office and kept us captive in our homes for months. We traded in our work clothes for sweatpants, moved our meetings from the conference room to Zoom rooms, and converted our living space to office space. Working from home was a challenge for most at first, but we slowly adjusted to the circumstances.

Recently, we’ve been told we can start easing our way back to normal. The problem? Normal feels like a lifetime ago…what does ‘normal’ even look like anymore?

Washington Gas


To boost brand awareness on safety protocols while assisting customers during fall and spring seasons, especially in minority and underserved communities.

Alexandria City Public Schools


The City of Alexandria faced the challenge of having only one high school to educate 5,000 students over a five-year span. To solve capacity issues, ACPS created ‘The High School Project’ to define the high school experience by creating high quality and meaningful education while simultaneously tackling a fast-growing student body.

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