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Advice for Black Business Owners with Dr. Sheila Brooks

As we at SRB Communications celebrate 32 years in business, I would like to pay tribute to Black entrepreneurs across the United States. We are a persistent group of people who have achieved success despite the many obstacles placed in front of us. As a veteran entrepreneur and business owner, I’m often asked, how did I accomplish growing a business to scale with up to 14 employees over the years.

Dennis Peters, Senior Copy Editor

Since 2013, Dennis Peters has worked as senior copy editor at SRB Communications. Peters is a seasoned journalist with extensive experience in editing and publishing. He is committed to delivering factual and concise stories, graphics and tables for multiple media channels, i.e., print and digital platforms for energy and utilities, public health, corporate, government and nonprofit clients. 

Previously, Peters was the Deputy Operations Chief for the Money section at USA Today for more than 15 years and the Copy Editor of the Money section for seven years. 

Doug Carroll, Senior Writer/Research Analyst

Doug Carroll is creative professional with more than 40 years of experience as a journalist. He spent most of his professional career as a reporter and editor at USA TODAY in the Money section. During his years at USA TODAY, Carroll was a beat reporter or an assignment editor for many of Money’s business beats, including advertising, airlines and business travel, banking, corporate governance, economics, energy and real estate. He also helped conceive or edit numerous investigative projects involving business subjects.

Rodney A. Brooks, Editorial Director

Rodney Brooks brings more than four decades of writing, editing and journalism experience to the agency in his role as Editorial Director at SRB. Since 2015, he has led the writing team, developing messaging and content for traditional media, social and digital platforms, corporate annual reports, focus group findings, brochures, fact sheets, FAQs, and more.

Calvin Washington, Production Manager

Calvin Washington brings a unique creative vision for capturing images on film and videotape that will impact future generations. In his role as Production Manager at SRB Communications, he directs and produces all field productions, audio narration record sessions and “live”-to-tape productions, serving as liaison between clients and the agency’s production staff and team.

Black Icons in Communications

We love Black History Month. Exploring the rich history created by the millions of African Americans is not only important, but so rewarding. With all that it has to offer, we want to highlight a few of the icons in our own industry. The Black trailblazers that broke down barriers in communications deserve the same recognition as the other big names in Black history. Let’s dive in and get to know these amazing pioneers.

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