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Guide To an Optimized & Branded Website Launch

Creating a new website or updating an existing one gets everyone excited; newness always does. It’s a new branded look that also implies progress within your business, whether you intend it to or not. It requires more care than most tend to put into it. It’s important to develop a plan that covers the key elements and ensures a successful launch.

Get to Know Your Customer

As marketers or business owners, you’ve probably heard the term “Target Audience.” In all honesty, this term seems cold and technical when in reality that’s the exact opposite of the way you want to interact with your customers. Think of finding your target audience as getting to know your customer.

Chief of Staff

The Chief of Staff responsible for driving all critical business development processes, setting clear goals and objectives, and working closely with the CEO to execute strategic projects and initiatives. As Chief of Staff, you will play an integral role in ensuring the agency achieves its ambitious business development goals, in a time when relationships and partnerships are more important to SRB’s success than ever before. You will become well acquainted with the operations of running a small business!

Reports directly to the Founder, President and CEO.

Multimedia Specialist

The successful Multimedia Specialist candidate will conceptualize brand storytelling style and strategy; create, develop and produce video, audio, graphics and multimedia presentation materials in accordance with client and agency style guides, ensure brand consistency; lead and help create quality, persuasive communications.

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