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How to Network Like a Pro: Gen Z Edition

Transiting into a career field in any industry is not as simple as walking into a company with a printed résumé. So, how can you land a professional role at your ideal company in the current digital climate? Use social media to network!

Social media platforms can make networking easier and hiring managers more accessible. Platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook have created groups and forums that allow users to talk, meet and connect throughout the day on specific topics. It’s more than just socializing. Recruiters are always looking for opportunities to connect new talent with the right companies. Social media is without a doubt one of the ways to get noticed.

Landing your next job can be as simple as sending a direct message (DM), connecting on LinkedIn or strategically tagging a company in content that aligns with the role you are seeking. This brings up our first helpful tip – make sure your social media platforms and content align with the job you want.

Using LinkedIn to Network

LinkedIn is primarily used to showcase industry-specific and career discussions, news and professional insights. For example, some people utilize LinkedIn to talk about updates with their colleagues while others might give company updates and provide tips and insights on trending topics. Many people use this platform as one of the top ways in which they network online. Here are some of our favorite tips for networking on LinkedIn:

  • Go to your perspective company’s LinkedIn page to read about the company and get to know past and present team members.
  • Check to see what roles the company may be hiring for in your area of interest.
  • Connect with someone who works at the company, a hiring manager or someone who may work in the department that you are interested in working with.
  • Send a personal message introducing yourself and adding a few points about what your hope is in connecting with them.
  • Ask for an informational interview, so that you can learn more about the company and future opportunities.
  • Occasionally, interact with their content to stay on their radar and build a rapport by checking in to say hello.
  • Create posts on LinkedIn that show the knowledge, skills and value that you can add to a team.

Using Twitter to Network

Twitter is used for more than just random thoughts, think pieces and memes. Sometimes, people tweet when their company is hiring. You can also use this platform to show your knowledge, creativity, and skill level. A combination of posting valuable content and interacting with the right people may get you noticed.

Don’t be afraid to send a DM. Another good way to connect people with private accounts on Twitter is to find them on LinkedIn. Introduce yourself and briefly state what your intentions are for reaching out – which could be to connect about future opportunities at their current company or to discuss a specific industry topic.

Using Instagram to Network

Instagram is a photo and video blogging platform, turned shopping app, that can be used in a more informal networking approach. Simplify your DM – introduce yourself and state your intentions for reaching out. In that message, open the opportunity for dialogue by starting with light conversation that leads to more information about their industry, company or role.

Using TikTok to Network

Yes! Even TikTok can help you secure your dream job. Creating content that people in your industry need, content showing your creativity or showing off your knowledge can get a hiring manager to see your value and impact. Connecting with other creators in your chosen field can also get your foot in the door and expand your network amongst your peers. So, post that video and add that skill to your résumé. Companies love an employee that is well-versed in all things social media!

The tools are there and all you must do is use them strategically. Social media platforms are fun but can also help you land your dream job: use it for gain and not just for leisure. Your next opportunity is just a post, comment, share or like away.

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