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Let’s make a 2024 Multicultural Marketing Strategy Bucket List

Each year we ask ourselves, “What would our marketing team do if we had unlimited time, money and resources?” 

As we wrap up 2023 and get ready for the unknowns in 2024, we invite you to dream with us and craft your 2024 Marketing Strategy Bucket List. 

Beyond your routine to-dos and the weight of year-end reports, let's take a moment to pause. 

The outgoing year was full of technological disruption and we have to ask ourselves, 'Is our usual way of doing things the best? When was the last time we tried something totally new?'

Here are some 2024 Multicultural Marketing Bucket List ideas to get you started. 

Your internal house needs to be in order. 

It's crucial to include minority communities at the decision-making table for successful marketing. They should not just have a seat but be positioned at the head of the table.

Your audiences can quickly spot when your diversity and inclusion efforts are inauthentic. For instance, posting about Black History Month while lacking black leadership sends an inauthentic message. The vast majority of American consumers (89%) say they are loyal to brands that share their values.

Internal messages should align with external messaging.

Internal Messaging Bucket List 

  • Evaluate your talent pipeline. A diverse team prevents campaigns from getting lost in an echo chamber and provides a deeper understanding of cultural nuances. Develop a plan to address any disparities and promote inclusivity in decision-making positions.
  • Prioritize inclusive internal communications. Review internal communication materials to ensure they reflect the diversity of your workforce. Implement guidelines to avoid language or imagery that could unintentionally marginalize any group within your organization.
  • Build a supplier diversity program. Develop a supplier diversity program to ensure that your vendors and partners represent a variety of backgrounds. This extends the commitment to diversity beyond the internal workforce to include external business relationships.
  • Start a community outreach initiative.  Launch a community outreach initiative that goes beyond advertising. Engage with local communities through sponsorships, events or partnerships that align with their values. This not only fosters goodwill but also establishes your brand as genuinely invested in the community.

Your connection to your audience is everything. 

Multicultural marketing isn’t just casting a minority actor for your advertisements, once, and hoping that communities recognize you’re speaking to them; it's about integrating your brand authentically into the community. 

Community Connection Bucket List

  • Conduct cultural competency training. Implement cultural competency training for your marketing team to deepen their understanding of cultural nuances and sensitivities of targeted communities.
  • Evaluate your consumer research strategies. Increase engagement with your audience through social media platforms like Reddit, Facebook and LinkedIn. Participate in discussions and follow relevant hashtags. Combine virtual presence with face-to-face interactions at community events and focus groups to build genuine connections.
  • Perform regular language sensitivity checks. Review all marketing materials for language sensitivity. Ensure that translations, if used, accurately convey the intended message without inadvertently causing offense or misunderstanding. Consider seeking input from native speakers of the targeted cultures.
  • Manage an inclusive imagery audit. Conduct an audit of the imagery used in your marketing collateral. Ensure that it actually represents your targeted audience. Avoid stereotypes and portray individuals from different backgrounds in a positive and respectful manner.

Your audience craves quality storytelling.

Marketers strategize daily on where, how and the best way to tell stories. The rise of omni-channel marketing demands diverse storytelling approaches. 

In the era of AI, the balance between quantity and quality is crucial. Organizations must find strategies that stand out from the noise while also prioritizing quality writing and editing.

Storytelling Bucket List

  • Carry out a content mapping exercise. Conduct a thorough content mapping exercise to identify key touchpoints across various channels. Assess how your storytelling can be adapted to suit each platform, considering the unique expectations and behaviors of your audience on different channels.
  • Execute a competitor analysis. Analyze storytelling strategies employed by your key competitors. Identify what works well and how you can differentiate your brand through more compelling and authentic storytelling. This analysis should inform adjustments to your own storytelling approach.
  • Hold an AI policy discussion. Initiate discussions within your organization about AI policies, determining when it can be incorporated and when it shouldn't be used in storytelling.
  • Implement a user-generated content campaign. Launch a user-generated content campaign that encourages your audience to share their stories related to your brand or product. This not only enhances engagement but also provides a wealth of authentic content that can be used into your storytelling strategy.

Here's to the dreamers and innovators in our marketing community. As we wrap up this year, let's raise a glass to forging connections, building an inclusive workplace and crafting narratives that trumpet diverse stories often unheard. Cheers to a future filled with impact and authenticity! 

Let’s get this bucket list started.

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