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Guide To an Optimized & Branded Website Launch

Creating a new website or updating an existing one gets everyone excited; newness always does. It’s a new branded look that also implies progress within your business, whether you intend it to or not. It requires more care than most tend to put into it. It’s important to develop a plan that covers the key elements and ensures a successful launch.

Creative + Production

Experts in delivering award-winning creative services that help our clients resonate with their unique audiences.  We are equipped to meet your audiences where they are and how they want to be spoken to utilizing graphic design, radio, television and video, and media buys.

Digital Marketing

Identify and deploy data-driven tactics to connect our clients with niche audiences wherever they are through paid media, website development, social media strategy and more. Through constant monitoring and measurement, we ensure our clients stay ahead of the digital curve.

Strategy + Storytelling

Craft relatable, compelling messaging that educates, inspires, and causes audiences to react. Our expertise, rooted in research insights, includes branding, content strategy and development, copywriting, media relations, stakeholder and community outreach, and crisis communications.

Advice for Black Business Owners with Dr. Sheila Brooks

As we at SRB Communications celebrate 32 years in business, I would like to pay tribute to Black entrepreneurs across the United States. We are a persistent group of people who have achieved success despite the many obstacles placed in front of us. As a veteran entrepreneur and business owner, I’m often asked, how did I accomplish growing a business to scale with up to 14 employees over the years.

Mollie Jackson, Executive Assistant to CEO

Mollie A. Jackson serves as Executive Assistant to Dr. Sheila Brooks. In her position, Jackson assists with business development strategy, outreach and execution. Additionally, Mollie handles day-to-day administrative duties for the agency, i.e. assisting with project management for the CEO’s strategic initiatives, conducting research and handling sensitive correspondence. Jackson holds a Bachelor of Science degree in office administration from Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Va.

Dennis Peters, Senior Copy Editor

Since 2013, Dennis Peters has worked as the agency’s senior copy editor. Peters is a seasoned journalist with extensive experience in editing and publishing. He is committed to delivering factual and concise stories, graphics and tables for multiple media channels, i.e., print and digital platforms for energy and utilities, public health, corporate, government and nonprofit clients. 

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