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Put the MOJO in Your Website Redesign

There isn’t a task more daunting than a website relaunch. Stakeholders have visions of non-existent content management system (CMS) widgets for the product team to devise. Meanwhile, marketers wait with baited breath for what promises to make everything business-wise magically better. “It’ll only take a few months to get this live!”

But content marketers and developers know better. Enter MOJO Creative Digital.

When SRB Communications decided on a website redesign, we knew a lot more went into it than our team was capable of accomplishing; and for most small businesses or organizations without a designated web development or product team, this is usually the case. With MOJO, not only did SRB have a dedicated project P.O.C. and developers, but branding was infused every step of the way.

The top three elements that sold us on MOJO were:

  1. Mobile responsive web designs to work seamlessly across platforms
  2. Custom-branded design application for a tailored web experience
  3. Detailed training for general website maintenance

The MOJO experience started off with getting to understand branding goals for the website, expertly outlined in a creative brief after rigorous questioning to get to the core of vision.

Based on existing content and future content marketing, they created a site map that lent to an optimized user experience. After this was approved, wireframes (or mockups) of each website landing page were created for SRB’s review and approval. After they received the go-ahead, developers created the site prototype, or non-live version, within Drupal for editing.

After this, it was up to our digital manager and team to apply the content which was made easy with MOJO’s step-by-step recorded training sessions.

Attention to detail and responsiveness post-launch made this an experience that we’re happy to replicate with future websites and clients to come.

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