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SRB Website Launch Secret Sauce

Working in tandem with the website and digital leads for a mostly seamless website launch is always the number one goal. As we've highlighted in our website and branded launch blog, putting extra care and though into what the communications strategy should be requires planning ahead. What did SRB Communications specifically execute in order to get the word out about the new site? Well, you're in luck! Here's the behind-the-scenes breakdown of what went into our launch strategy that you can infuse into your own. 

Social Media

Get your followers excited. Create original graphics, digital polls and other interactive content that you can release a couple of days before the launch, on launch day and after the launch. Don’t forget to identify those trending hashtags that related to your specific industries, business services and website launches in general. Our social and digital team created some fun countdown graphics that kept our audience wondering what our “surprise announcement” was all the way up until the day before the launch! After releasing our organic social we determined when it would be time to utilize paid media to boost some of our content to new audiences.

Press Release

A press release is a must for an announcement like this. You want to ensure that beyond your social channels, the wider industry is informed of this new milestone in your agency. We recommend finding a specific hook that will draw people in while also speaking to your new website. Have you recently achieved any other milestones? Won any awards? Hired a new employee? Include all of that in your release, along with a quote or two from agency leadership to really strengthen the impact (should we link to our release?). Then, email your release to your desired contacts and brace yourself for all the amazing responses that come in!


Do you currently have a company newsletter? If so, this is a really easy way to tie in your new website launch. SRB strategically timed the launch of our website to go “live” right before our next quarterly newsletter issue, as our newsletter is something that always receives high engagement rates Did you catch that great tip? Time the release of your website launch with something else that the company releases, so that you get added promotion and visibility!

"Snack-able" Videos

With today’s changing digital landscape, you cannot ignore the growing impact of video. Being that we specialize in video production, we made sure we videotaped and edited a special message from our CEO to use on launch day to enhance our promotional efforts on social media. We also captured a couple of screen recordings of the new site to really draw people in during our digital promotional efforts.

Email Marketing

To really get people eagerly awaiting our special announcement, we launched the first of a three-part email marketing campaign. This email included exclusive interview content, throwback photos of SRB’s 31 years in business, and a special thank you to all our clients and partners who helped us get to where we are today. This was strategically released a couple of days before the launch so that those who didn’t see our social media countdown would also know about the upcoming news.

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