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SRB in 2022

New Work

As an agency specializing in multicultural markets, we welcome the opportunity to work with clients from varying industries and sectors. We have exciting projects on the horizon in health disparity messaging, Fortune 100 company rebrands, equity of voice in nature conservation professional communities, subject matter expert resources, and marketing portfolio services for local colleges and universities in the new year … just to name a few.

Expanded Team

SRB Communications hires the best and brightest talent who continually strive to deliver integrated marketing services to our clients and partners. We are pleased to announce a new member of the team. Michon Hicks, our new Chief of Staff, will oversee HR and Operations. Additionally, Hicks will work closely with our CEO on business development. Hicks comes to us with a wealth of experience in local and federal governments and managing public-private partnerships. She also has a diverse academic background in intercultural communications, strategic leadership and entrepreneurship. She will engage our stakeholders by maintaining our current corporate relationships and identifying new business opportunities. While holding this position, Hicks is working on completing her Ph.D. in Strategic Leadership with a focus in Entrepreneurship from Southeastern University in Lakeland, FL.

Poised for Success

Overall, we’re quite confident that we’ve all been impacted, in some way, shape or form, by the pandemic. Most of us probably envisioned living a little differently in this “new normal.” The reality of our current situation is quite the opposite. One thing about SRB Communications that most of you know is no matter what life throws our way, we remain steadfast.

We’ve pivoted and prevailed through many unforeseen occurances in our 31 years of business. With each one, our passion and fire gets ignited even more for the impactful work that we do, especially now in the areas of public health, racial equity, DEI and quality of life for minority communities.

With an expanded team, renewed mindset, and committed clients and partners, we are poised for success in 2022. We’re looking forward to collaborating, breaking boundaries, mentoring, learning, and experiencing all that the wonderful and everchanging world of advertising, marketing and public relations has to offer this year.

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