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Social Media is the New Department Store

To save time and money for both customers and businesses, social media has become the new department store. During the pandemic, companies had to pivot their strategies to fulfill the needs of their customers. The trajectory of buying products in-store was always thought to be dominated by online shopping, but COVID-19 accelerated it to a whole new level. As of 2021, 2.14 billion people purchase items online, which means one out of every four people around you is an online shopper. Tech giants caught on quick and have optimized their platforms to host businesses’ products. Now, marketers can sell to you directly from your own feed.

Online Shopping is Here to Stay

If you were clinging to the idea that online shopping was a fad, you probably thought the same thing about the internet. Need proof? Look no further than Cyber Monday. Cyber Monday has become one of the most popular shopping events during the holiday season. As of 2019, it’s now bigger than the notorious Black Friday.

Companies are changing their marketing strategies to reflect this cultural shift in consumer behavior. Many now offer special deals surrounding holidays, like Cyber Monday and Amazon Prime Day, to grow their online presence. This is only one of the ways to ensure your business survives moving forward. Strategies must now include social media. During the holidays this is especially important, because your brand can’t be absent from the new “department store.”

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How to Prepare for This Holiday Season

More than three out of every 10 dollars spent shopping online are used for fashion-related items. During the pandemic, the most popular items purchased online were related to health and pastime hobbies. From yeast to yoga mats, people were trying to better their lives while keeping themselves occupied.

We are still in a pandemic, so this year should look pretty similar to the last. It’s time to tap into online shopping platforms and make sure you set up shop on the social platforms that make the most sense for your target audience.

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How Brands Can Make the Jump

For companies to succeed in the holiday shopping game, they have to rethink their strategies and introduce new methods to keep buyers interested. They also have to make themselves stand out and be accessible. Brands need to be where their consumers are. Right now, and for the foreseeable future, that’s not in malls alone. In fact, that might not ever be where they are again. Your audience, like most of the public, is online. They’re online watching videos on YouTube, making clips on TikTok, scrolling through pictures on Instagram and much more. Consumers are no longer coming to you, it’s your job to get your product in front of them.

Marketing must evolve to reflect the current necessities of the audience. Retailers are now able to place their products directly in front of their customers and even give them the option to purchase online. Digital advertising, specifically through social media, gives you access to strategies you didn’t even know existed. From plain ads to influencers, it’s an entirely new world. If done right, it can make your life as a marketer much easier.

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