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Make the Most of Video Content

In video marketing, it’s always good to ask “How long should my video be to capture the viewer’s attention?” The answer to this question is not as simple as you would think. This also depends on a few factors such as the video content, the viewing platform, your target audience and the purpose of your video. If you didn’t know, SRB Communications started off in 1990 strictly as a production company! For the first 18 years of business, all we did was produce compelling videos for our clients in various formats, lengths and more. So, as you can imagine, it is exciting for us to see how video has significantly changed over the years. It is our goal to create videos that are aligned with the trends, and strategically planned and filmed to receive the best ROI for our clients and their target audiences. Keep reading as we highlight the pros and cons for short videos and long videos that should help you determine which length may work best for you.

Short Video Content Pros

  • Videos that are two minutes or shorter tend to capture the viewer’s attention longer than 10 seconds and convey key messages and information needed.
  • Ideally videos that are 30 seconds or shorter tend to have the most views.
  • Producing short videos is easier and requires less time to produce.
  • According to Business2Community, more people are likely to engage with your short videos and 92 percent of people who watch short videos on their mobile devices are likely to share your content with others.
  • Short videos are ideal for Facebook, Twitter, TikTok and Instagram. Wishpond has some great examples.

Short Video Content Cons

  • Due to limited time frames, your communications and content will need to be condensed, which means that you may not be able to include all the details ideally preferred.
  • Creating valuable and engaging content in such a short window can be challenging.

Long Video Content Pros

  • Videos over three minutes are a small investment of time which makes them long-form content. This means that you will have to capture the viewer’s attention at the start of the video to keep the viewer invested.
  • If you keep your videos under 10 minutes you will avoid losing viewers.
  • Since there are no time constraints, long videos are more likely to provide a large quantity of impactful information that will connect with your audience if executed properly.
  • Studies show that 22 percent of people were more likely to watch a 10-to-20-minute video as long as the content was engaging and informational.
  • Long videos contain more content, which means that you can edit the video to create various versions of the same video to increase reach and engagement on your different platforms.
  • Long videos are ideal for one’s website and YouTube.

Long Video Content Cons

  • More time and resources are invested in producing a long video.
  • It is impossible to reach your entire target audience with long video content, therefore it is recommended that your content is applied specifically to your buyer’s persona further along the buyer’s journey.
  • Most of your key points will need to be loaded on the front-end to capture the viewer’s attention, as long video content usually does not secure many views.
  • When creating videos, it is imperative that you take length into consideration when determining your target audience and the message you want to convey. Having engaging video content is a great way to drive business, effectively tell your brand’s story and increase conversions if the core messages are successfully communicated. Once you have determined your target audience, the viewing platform and your purpose of the video, then you can begin to decipher the best way to optimize your video length. Remember, there is no right or wrong option for you.
  • We hope this is a helpful blog that you can reference when it comes to incorporating videos into your strategies. Wishing you all success with your content creation!

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