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  • Media Briefings

Regarded as a niche marketing and advertising agency, SRB creates and executes integrated multicultural campaigns and provides strategic communications services that support Pepco’s corporate communications and external affairs programs and initiatives.

 Exelon, the Exelon Foundation, and Exelon’s six utility operating companies, including Pepco, invested $36 million into the Racial Equity Capital Fund (RECF), which on a rolling basis is making debt and equity investments in minority-owned businesses. SRB was tasked to:

  • Generate positive coverage for the funded businesses, Pepco, Exelon and the RECF
  • Amplify local coverage by partnering with District Government to highlight the broader impact and benefits of investments in local, diverse businesses
  • Enhance awareness of and excitement around the RECF to help drive more local minority-owned businesses to apply
  • Reinforce the commitment that Pepco and Exelon have to supporting under-resourced communities through economic and workforce development

SRB was tasked to bolster media coverage in a major announcement of the investments. The SRB team provided event management and PR. We pitched and secured print and broadcast coverage with local media to attend a media briefing at the National Press Club. The media briefing event was widely attended by the local media and executed seamlessly with positive news coverage on event day and post event. Attendance totaled more than 100, exceeding client expectations. SRB executed extensive media outreach efforts to promote the press conference, ensuring comprehensive coverage and attendance from media. 

This outreach and follow-up strategy garnered 35 media hits with an estimated total reach of 102 million.

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