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Dr. Brooks Social Rebrand: Sheila Dean Brooks, Ph.D.

In business, it’s often said that you sell yourself, not your company. As CEO of SRB Communications, Sheila Brooks, has spent years developing her own personal brand.

We’re excited to announce the next evolution in Dr. Brooks’s brand. The name of her social channels, Brooks Business Report, is now Sheila Dean Brooks, Ph.D. This name change signals a bigger transformation. Dr. Brooks has been in business for more than 31 years, but her experience and wisdom stretches far past SRB Communications. She’s a journalist by training, an entrepreneur, college professor, multicultural marketing expert and much more. Sheila Dean Brooks, Ph.D. encompasses it all.

Thank you to all who have followed Dr. Brooks in the past. As we make this next step, we appreciate your continued support. Her social media channels will continue to provide you with business tips, industry insights and more shared knowledge from Dr. Brooks.

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