Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC)

Georgia’s 6th Congressional District Political Campaign


Georgia’s 6th Congressional District had not sent a Democratic candidate to U.S. Congress since the Carter Administration. The special Congressional election in Atlanta required building awareness among and targeting the African-American community for candidate Jon Ossoff. Messaging also needed to encourage members within the district to vote for the Democratic Party. 


SRB became SMEs (subject matter experts) of voter information in the state of Georgia and researched audience rankers to select appropriate stations in the designated Atlanta area. A media strategy and plan was developed based on voter demographics and multiple attention-grabbing radio spots were copy written and recorded. Award-winning media buying was also employed to be featured via the main communication mediums voters engaged with. 


  • Secured renown actor Samuel L. Jackson to voice record one of the radio spots
  • Additional national media exposure was obtained to include CNN, The Huffington Post, New York Daily News, and Daily Beast. 
  • Jon Ossoff won against five other Democrats and 11 Republicans


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