William Rosser

Account Director

William Rosser is the Account Director at SRB Communications. William brings more than eight years’ experience and deep knowledge of project management, media buying and video production expertise to the boutique and full-service agency. He is responsible for delivering best-in-class advertising campaigns and media buying executions, while driving key client facing accounts across the agency. In his day-to-day duties, he manages the execution, optimization and reporting of paid media campaigns, strategies and related activities across a variety of media platforms and channels to enhance our clients’ target audience exposure and return on investment (ROI). He serves as in-house producer, leading radio, television and video production services.

Previously, William worked as an Account Manager at a major advertising agency in Washington, D.C.  In that role, he developed a great aptitude in building and maintaining customer relationships, planning and leadership abilities, and managing budgets.

Willliam received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Virginia Tech University.

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