Washington Gas

Fall Safety Marketing Campaign


To boost brand awareness on safety protocols while assisting customers during fall and spring seasons, especially in minority and underserved communities.


During fall and spring of every year, the SRB team creates and executes marketing campaigns that educate customers on life-saving tips i.e., what to do if you smell natural gas, how to recognize a natural gas leak and how to react and respond to emergencies. Our work extends from strategy and messaging to creative, media buying and placement, and measurement. For each campaign, we generally place print ads in 12 local newspapers in five different languages, including English, Spanish, Korean, Chinese, and Amharic. For 2020, the SRB team added programmatic digital ads to our paid media buy. Additionally, we place radio spots in English and Spanish as well as website banner ads.


  • Achieved 3.5 million impressions
  • Garnered 440,346 clicks to the Washington Gas Safety landing page
  • 1.18% CTR compared to the .47% industry average


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