August 25, 2017

Team Building: An Essential Key To A Company’s Success

Working for an advertising and marketing agency, our team is constantly on the move. We simultaneously balance work for multiple clients, while also doing internal work for the agency, which is recipe for a busy week. How do we do it, you might ask? The answer is easy, the SRB Communications’ team is comprised of hard workers who, over time, have learned how to successfully work with each other and build on individual strengths.

The SRB team grows closer together while in the office, and while out of the office. Dr. Sheila Brooks values the importance of team building and frequently provides her staff with the opportunity to participate in off-site activities in order to increase company morale and teamwork. In August, some members of the SRB team visited Capital Sup Annapolis for team paddle boarding lessons. This was a day that allowed the team to work together, encourage each other, and simply have fun while away from the office.

The SRB Millennial team members, Amber Bentley (top) and Natalie Stuppard (bottom) showed no hesitation on the water.