February 23, 2021


New SRB Logo

NEW LOGO ALERT! SRB Communications is proud to announce the launch of our new agency logo. This change is a part of our ongoing efforts to continue to grow and evolve, just as the industry is doing, each and every day.

2020 marked our 30th year in business. To commemorate that milestone, we designed a special logo for use during our yearlong marketing efforts. If you missed our post on the history of SRB, check it out here.

SRB 30th Anniversary Logo

We enjoyed this special branding as it was a constant reminder of all of the hard work, amazing clients and outstanding team members that helped us get to 30 years in business.

As we had plans to transition back to our original logo this year, life had a funny way of letting us know that it was time for a change. After much time to reflect, particularly because of the global health pandemic, we knew that it was time to pivot, once again. 

“In a day and age where having a voice and standing for something that matters is so invaluable, especially with companies, our new logo represents just that,” said Founder, President and CEO Dr. Sheila Brooks. “We have prided ourselves since 1990 on being storytellers. Our new logo incorporates a quotation mark, which is symbolic of the voice we give to our clients, to our communities, and to the causes and initiatives that matter most.” 

From sharing our clients’ messages via video for the first 18 years, to pivoting to our full-service marketing and advertising agency after the 2008 recession, to now – sharing our clients’ stories via integrated marketing, advertising and public relations campaigns, we have always put our clients’ voices at the forefront. That will always be our priority. 

This new logo embodies and highlights how important this is in 2021, especially in the wake of the tremendous political and racial tensions that were heightened in 2020.

Vice President of Marketing and Communications Amber Bentley said, “SRB Communications is growing and expanding in ways beyond what we could imagine. We are entering into new business verticals, expanding our current contracts and providing new creative solutions for our clients in this virtual ‘new normal’. Because of this internal transformation, it was only right that our external changed as well.”

If you think this logo is awesome, you haven’t seen the half of it. Stay tuned in the coming months as we have some other exciting surprises in store for this year.