University of the District of Columbia (UDC)


Vision 2020 Communications Plan

Marketing Challenge

The University of the District of Columbia (UDC) and the UDC Community College (UDC-CC) struggles with public perception that the university system is dysfunctional, riddled with problems, and has a tarnished reputation. The fact is, the university system is an accessible, affordable institution for quality education in the District of Columbia and nation’s capital. Academic offerings meet the needs of the city’s growing workforce. But the right-sizing plan mandated by the D.C. City Council forced job reductions and cuts that are necessary to help the university system operate within its budget.

Strategic Solution

SRB Communications completed a careful and in-depth assessment of the university’s current communications plan, collateral advertising materials, social media platforms, website, and campus television station; reviewed and analyzed in detail its offerings; interviewed more than 50 students, faculty and staff; and wrote a comprehensive strategic communications plan. Our recommendations focused on repositioning and branding for the university’s 20-20 vision (strategic plan); changing the conversation and narrative as a recruitment tool for students, as well as for the public and stakeholders; telling the university’s stories from its TV studio, on its website, and in marketing collateral. We also provided crisis communications services.

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