University of the District of Columbia


National Recruitment Campaign

SRB Communications has achieved great results in projects small and large; locally, regionally and nationally. We execute ongoing recruitment advertising campaigns on behalf of the University of the District of Columbia, currently for the 2017 Fall and 2018 Spring semesters; and previously for the Spring and Fall 2015 semesters and Fall 2014 semester which utilized traditional and non-traditional media.
In November 2013, we began working with UDC, an urban, historically Black public college and university with enrollment of nearly 5,700 students including a significant number of international students from dozens of countries from all over the world. Our challenge was centered around the fact that there was a significant disconnect with the university’s identity. UDC saw itself one way, while the internal and external stakeholders often saw the university in the complete opposite way. To eliminate the negative perceptions from the community, there needed to be one consistent brand message across all university programs, departments and communications collateral for its targeted audiences.
Conducting market research and analyzing the current collateral produced by the university was the first task that was completed in order to begin developing a Communications Plan. In March 2013, the UDC Board of Trustees approved the plan that had been developed over the last four months and the recruitment enrollment campaign was launched.
UDC worked in tandem with SRB Communications to develop messaging and manage an advertising and marketing campaign that rebranded and highlighted a “new” vision of the university. We developed messaging and a multi-platform strategic marketing campaign that engaged and educated the community. The advertising and marketing mix consisted of outdoor advertising that generated more than 40 million combined impressions using metro transit and buses, print ads, social media, brand ambassador videos, radio spots, and website landing page. The campaign successfully increased the overall recruitment efforts at the university.


The campaign successfully increased the overall recruitment efforts at the university and not only allowed for UDC to successfully rebrand itself as a viable and affordable university in Washington D.C., but as a place where students Aspire. Accomplish. Take on the World. Prior to 2016 the campaign slogan was, Where Lives Are Changed.

Campaign Highlights:

  • Created a branded website landing page for the UDC Brand Ambassador Profiles on the existing UDC website. These profiles currently reside on the UDC Where Lives Are Changed Landing Page
  • Produced six (6) short UDC Brand Ambassador Video Profiles that lived on the website landing page and were used in social media advertising
  • Created a successful social media strategy for Facebook to increase awareness and drive traffic to the UDC website that would ultimately increase student enrollment. During the four-month campaign, Facebook delivered 24,598,148 impressions; 31,847 clicks; and a click through rate (CTR) of 0.13%
  • Designed, created and placed billboards – six (6) brand ambassadors in the D.C. Metro area transit shelters, interior bus cards, interior Metro cards, and Metro posters
  • Designed and created print ads in English and Spanish, placing them in various newspapers in the D.C. Metro area
  • Produced and placed two (2) 30-second radio commercials in English and Spanish that aired on various radio stations