LGBTQ+ Marketing Campaign

Marketing Challenge

Pepco and its parent company, Exelon, have long been leaders in diversity and inclusion programs. Utility executives wanted a stronger presence with D.C.’s multicultural communities, particularly among its LGBTQ+ customers.

As Pepco’s multicultural agency, SRB Communications was uniquely positioned to engage with this diverse group in a compelling and highly targeted way. Our main objective was to build brand awareness of Pepco’s key initiatives as they relate to the underserved populations in the District. However, it was also important to position Pepco executives as inclusive leaders who understand the nuances and experiences of the LGBTQ+ communities it serves.


The Work

SRB Communications executed a sponsorship on behalf of Pepco with the Washington Blade. The Blade is the oldest LGBTQ+ newspaper in the U.S. covering the latest gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender news in Washington, D.C. The sponsorship coincided with its 50th anniversary.

Through the sponsorship campaign, we were tasked with creative direction for both digital and print advertisements placed with the Blade. We also provided content writing for four thought leadership articles highlighting Pepco’s executives who have focused on creating safe and meaningful spaces for the LGBTQ+ community in the workplace. Our executed media buy and advertising placements included eight (8) run-of-site digital ads on the Washington Blade website, (23) full-page ad placements in the Washington Blade print publication, five (5) dedicated email blasts which featured the four thought leadership articles and six (6) weekly email blasts.



The digital ad campaign achieved an overall 298,700 impressions. The dedicated e-blasts garnered an impressive 2.21% CTR. Print ads were circulated to a total readership of 2,100,000. Overall, we were able to provide a strong, consistent presence within the LGBTQ+ community that Pepco services throughout the year. But most importantly, the work was meaningful. We couldn’t be prouder of the impact.