Exelon Corporation

2019 EDBE Annual Report


Exelon Corporation, a FORTUNE 100 Company, is the nation’s leading competitive energy provider with six utilities that deliver natural gas and electricity to 48 states, D.C. and Canada, serving approximately 10 million customers. Creating a report with a unifying theme that accurately embodied all of their entities within their 2019 Exelon Diverse Business Empowerment annual report became a challenge.


SRB created the unifying theme for the report of “Powering Progress Together” which helped shape tone-of-voice and visual graphics of the report. Diversity-spend date was compiled and coded, a half dozen diverse supplier interviews were conducted, and the report was written and designed according to the theme. SRB also employed the strategy of adapting culturally and linguistically appropriate content combined with data-rich infographics.


The report is widely used by Exelon leadership to showcase the company’s longtime commitment and partnership with its diversity-certified businesses

You can view a copy of the 2019 EDBE Annual Report on Exelon’s website.

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