August 19, 2019

Building a Company Culture Worth Sharing

Although we have been in business for 29 years now, we still get excited about receiving new awards and celebrating team member’s accomplishments! Recognition for the work we do and the skills on our team is what makes all of our hard work worth it in the end.

At SRB Communications we pride ourselves on professional development. We have an environment that promotes creativity, inclusion and most importantly, growth. Most recently, our resident PR pro Amber Bentley, Communications & PR Manager, was nominated for “Outstanding Intern Supervisor” by The Washington Center from our most recent summer intern. The Washington Center is an independent, nonprofit organization that provides hundreds of students with state-of-the-art internships, and we are a proud partner of the program.

This isn’t the first time that an SRB team member has been nominated for this award and it really speaks to the commitment and work ethic of our staff. Receiving award nominations for the agency is indeed a true honor, but nominations for individual team members means so much to us. We are so proud of the impact that we make on others, beyond the walls of SRB Communications. Not only is our team getting nominated for awards, but others are enrolled in prestigious professional development programs, speaking on conference panels, and so much more.

We have a culture that promotes productivity and passion which creates the great work environment that is SRB.



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