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The 'High School Project' Video


The City of Alexandria faced the challenge of having only one high school to educate 5,000 students over a five-year span. To solve capacity issues, ACPS created ‘The High School Project’ to define the high school experience by creating high quality and meaningful education while simultaneously tackling a fast-growing student body.


SRB conducted full-scale video production to produce an informational and educational video to be used across multiple platforms in different capacities. The video increased overall visibility of the ACPS public school system and reinform reputation within the community. Personal elements were added by filming through the lens of students and how it fit within the new Connected High School Network.


The final video compilation was well-received by the community, students, faculty, and school leadership. Administrators were praised for proactive actions to meet the evolving educational, economic and cultural needs of the advancing technology utilized throughout the area. The video also received an International Silver Telly Award in the Informational Video category.



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