SRB Communications is an award-winning, full-service boutique advertising and marketing agency.

We specialize in multicultural markets, media relations, public relations, community outreach and broadcast production. Simply put, we help our clients build brand awareness for their programs and initiatives, creating and executing advertising, marketing, outreach and public education campaigns.

Our team of storytellers deliver integrated media solutions through multiple channels including radio and television commercials, brand videos, outdoor, print, digital and social media. Our services include strategy, messaging, content and creative development, media buying and placement, public engagement, and market research. We write communications plans, hold focus groups, track analytics and design graphics for print and digital ads, annual reports, brochures and websites. We’re committed to expand our client’s reach, frequency and ROI.

SRB Communications, LLC is committed to be the leading provider of multicultural advertising, marketing, outreach and public education campaigns. We have been at the forefront of advancing issues, shifting attitudes, and changing behavior to improve lives. Our pledge to excellence and quality service is reflected in the expertly crafted branding solutions, messaging and the commitment we make to our customers and ourselves.

SRB Communications, LLC will become the Mid-Atlantic region’s leading multicultural advertising and marketing communications agency, ensuring our clients achieve superior value in the digital economy. Our commitment to a culture of development, rewards and recognition create a cadre of high-performing stars who deliver unique value in the marketplace.

We reinforce our values everyday through our people, our brands, our innovative ideas and our performance.

  • Excellence. We relentlessly pursue excellence in everything we do, every day.

  • Passion. We are passionate about winning and about our brands, services and people, thereby delivering superior value to our customers.

  • Innovation. We are innovative in everything we do, from services to processes, satisfying real-life needs with unique ideas.

  • Integrity. We are open, honest and trustworthy in dealing with customers, coworkers, subcontractors, stakeholders and the communities we serve.

  • Diverse Team. We value the skills, strengths and perspectives of our diverse team, especially staff and subject matter experts.


Our efficient and effective campaigns increase the awareness of our clients’ missions, whether it’s creating communications plans, brochures, buying and placing media, producing commercials or public service announcements, creating and producing videos or designing graphics for print or digital ads.

Specifically, we:

  • Develop and implement creative strategies for integrated advertising, marketing and communications campaigns
  • Utilize an integrated cross-channel approach (including print, television, radio, outdoor, digital and social media services) to heighten awareness of client’s products and services to multicultural audiences
  • Create consistent messages, positioning, branding, and advocacy efforts for desired exposure and outcomes for branding and for a diverse target segment
  • Negotiate, arrange, and contract radio or television talent, still photography, music, special effects, and all materials and services required for media campaigns
  • Integrate social media strategies and techniques
  • Evaluate and measure results

Under the leadership of Sheila Brooks, Ph.D., an award-winning former television newscaster and documentary producer, our team of professionals includes trained broadcast and print journalists, and advertising and communications professionals with the knowledge, experience and ability to deliver the depth of creative services that consistently exceed our clients’ expectations.

Our national network of media contacts extends across all platforms – including major newspapers, magazines and broadcast stations, including urban radio, TV and cable stations, community newspapers and digital outlets.


Sheila Brooks, Ph.D.
President, Founder and CEO

Sheila Brooks, Ph.D. President, Founder and CEO

As a former television newscaster and producer, Dr. Brooks has been providing media and communications, community outreach, and multicultural marketing counsel to clients in the energy and utilities, education, and transportation industries, and political campaigns for 40 years. Dr. Brooks teaches a graduate course in multicultural marketing as an adjunct professor on the faculty in the Strategic Public Relations program at The George Washington University. Dr. Brooks is the lead strategist for the agency and is an advocate for minority and women’s issues and small business.

Alan Drummond
Brand Marketing Manager

Alan Drummond, Brand Marketing Manager

Alan has more than 20 years’ experience working across Europe, the Middle East, Asia and the U.S. delivering integrated marketing communications and brand campaigns to diverse multicultural market segments. He leads, manages and supports marketing, outreach, public education and strategic communications campaigns as well as being an integral team member of the agency’s award winning creative team.

Rodney Brooks
Senior Writer and Editor

Rodney Brooks, Senior Writer and Editor

Since 2015, Rodney has led the writing team at the agency, developing content ranging from newsletters and press releases, to creative collateral including print, radio, TV and digital ads. Previously, he worked for 30 years as Deputy Managing Editor/Personal Finance and retirement columnist for USA TODAY.  Brooks coordinated personal finance news on all media platforms for the national newspaper including reporters, copy editors, assignment editors, graphic designers, digital media specialists, and columnists.

Amber Bentley
Marketing and PR Specialist

Amber Bentley, Marketing and PR Specialist

Amber is the team leader in social and digital media at SRB Communications. She also manages all PR and event planning for the agency. Her responsibilities include strategic development of the public relations, media relations, digital and social media strategy for the boutique advertising and marketing agency and its clients. As Marketing and PR lead, it is her job to continually seek ways to add value to the client-agency relationship as well as the client-customer relationships.

David Brigham
Operations Manager

David Brigham, Operations Manager

David is responsible for account coordination of the agency’s largest energy and university customers by working to develop and execute digital and social media strategies that build brand awareness, drive engagement, and measure campaign results. He uses technology across media channels and social media platforms to create a cohesive digital and online presence for the agency and its clients. He is responsible for overseeing day-to-day technical, digital and social media platforms including broadcast, video, event, and digital productions.

Danette High
Creative Director

Danette High, Creative Director

Danette is the creative lead for client campaigns and internal agency projects. High has a mastery of creative and graphic design and has more than more than 27 years of professional experience. She development engaging and innovative design solutions based on conceptual brand strategies and oversees tasks related to graphic design in support of each client’s advertising, marketing and community outreach efforts.

Natalie Stuppard
Social Media Specialist

Natalie Stuppard, Social Media Specialist

Natalie works closely with clients and the SRB team to ensure current content is posted and that the agency remains trendsetters in social media. Through her social media research and understanding of integration of traditional with new media, Stuppard prepares strategies that will place clients in front of the right audience, which leads to a heightened brand presence for our client’s programs and initiatives.

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