Adrienna Hood

Senior Project Manager

Adrienna Hood has seven years’ experience in operations, launching and leading projects successfully for various internal and external audiences, both domestic and international. As senior project manager at SRB Communications, Adrienna manages and tracks operational performance of multiple client accounts, ensuring campaign and project deliverables, timelines/milestones and budgets are aligned with the scope of work and actual campaign and project budgets. She develops and manages ongoing workflow documents and processes, consistently monitors daily activity reporting the internal team provides for client and agency accounts and works to improve productivity and clearing roadblocks.

As part of her ongoing responsibilities, Adrienna directs creative development of graphic, digital and social assets. Additionally, she manages and facilitates in-person and virtual program events via platforms Qual Comm, StreamYard and Hopin. She manages program dashboards to tracks metrics and create tactics to expand growth.

Adrienna brings several years of advertising agency experience to her work as SRB’s media planner and buyer. She develops and executes media plans for clients; negotiates, manages and places digital, print and broadcast ad placements; researches demographics, media platform statistics, buyer personas and ad platforms to gain client exposure and improve their media and marketing efforts. 

Adrienna has a Bachelor of Science in Communications, Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia and a Master of Science in Entertainment Business, Full Sail University, Winter Park, Florida.


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